IT solutions for
Energy and Mobility infrastructures

E-Mobility Insights

Electrifying the World

Energy transition, transition of transportation and energy efficiency require digital solutions

Energy and mobility industries are currently undergoing fundamental changes. New concepts for energy and electromobility disrupt the market and enable new business models. Those will require innovative software solutions. Developing and providing intuitive user applications, integrated services as well as the connecting providers and systems are the core business of Grid & Co. GmbH. The software platform Gridware s based on the new business models and enables the creation of “smart grids” and “Smart Business Networks”. New alliances between market participants and the Internet of Things and cloud computing are disrupting current inflexible supply relationships and value chains.

Personalize usage

  • Consistent and intuitive usage for users and operators.
  • Assignment of individual permission
  • Documentation and collection of usage data
  • Evaluation and further processing of usage data

Harmonize processes

  • One system for different applications and services
  • Standardization of cross-system processes
  • Use of all services with one access medium
  • Consolidation of all individual services into one invoice

Networking systems

  • Communication between systems in real-time
  • Networking based on industry standards
  • Added value through the combination of individual services
  • Generating new offers and services

One Mission

New forms of mobility, more efficient generation and use of electricity, as well as the shared use of resources require new concepts for operators and users. From many large and small parts and components, e.g. the operation of electric charging infrastructures, smart grids, bike and car sharing, as well as decarbonization in general, we create individualized, harmonized and networked solutions. Not only systemically, but also from the point of view of the end user, we develop Gridware to merge energy, mobility and sharing solutions on mobile devices together. Integrated solutions create real added value. The result, increased digital networking, enables efficient budgeting with scarce resources. By integrating innovative, ecologically sustainable concepts, we create economically sustainable solutions.

Offers and Services


  • Identification of requirements
  • Analysis of the current state
  • Development of future-proof solution scenarios
  • policies- and implementation-planning
  • Integration of implementation partners

Concept Creation

  • Recording requirements
  • Creation of specialist and IT concepts
  • Development of the IT architecture
  • Integration of service partners
  • Development of profitable operator concept



  • Stable and reliable provision of the defined IT service
  • Exclusive operation in a German data center for Sovereignty over your own data
  • Compliance with the German Federal Data Protection Act
  • Providing services with a defined SLA
  • Providing second and third level support

A Software Creating new Possibilities

Gridware is a multi-tenant system for operating devices (Internet of Things), providing of business processes, as well as associated billing and reporting. As an extendable software framework, it provides the prerequisite for the efficient networking of energy, mobility and sharing infrastructures.

  • Scalable in terms of performance and costs

    Protection from temporary peak loads and supporting expansion plans by means of pay-per-use
  • Integrated and exclusive

    Integration into your existing IT landscape. Offered both as SaaS (Software as a Service) as well as On-Premise, in both cases exclusively per client
  • Fault-tolerant

    Sustaining business processes even when individual components fail
  • Standardized

    Reliability by using established communication standards between individual systems
  • Super quick to adapt

    Release every three weeks thanks to highly automated quality assurance and separation of individual customer teams from the core team

Energy — Mobility — Sharing

Five Components of One Software


For Operators

  • Expansion and strengthening of existing customer relationships
  • Integration of new services into your own portfolio
  • Position yourself as an innovation leader in the market
  • Increased utilization by more flexible usage
  • Opportunities for new partnerships and alliances

For Users

  • Unified and intuitive use of all applications
  • All offers are integrated in apps and responsive websites
  • Registration enables the use of various services
  • Multiple services can be booked and used via a single system
  • A single overview and a single invoice for all services used

GRID & Co. GmbH - A Company Enabling Future

Grid & Co. is a consulting and software house active in energy, mobility and mobility-sharing. Based on its own “Gridware” software framework, Grid & Co. set up Smart Business Networks which connect users and systems in real time, which harmonize processes and billing. Grid & Co has experience in networking the leading German mobility- and sharing-systems as well connecting electric charging stations via industry standards. Grid & Co. already successfully implemented both nationwide and municipal projects.

  • A shared vision

    Enable efficient budgeting with scarce resources through digital networking and providing future-proof solutions for ecologically sustainable concepts.
  • More than 40 IT experts

    Through the companies involved, Grid & Co. has various software specialists for the different disciplines and can therefore develop small and large projects at short notice.

    Grid & Co. is a partner in the “Intelligent City Program” of the Innovationszentrums für gesellschaftlichen Wandel und Mobilität GmbH (Innovation Center for Social Change and Mobility / "InnoZ").
  • Many Experts – one Goal

    Mobility visionaries
    Industry insiders
    Project managers
    Software experts
    Data scientists
    Network specialists
  • Quality Standard

    In quality.
    In time.
    In budget.

Charging Infrastructure

A Software for Electric Charging Infrastructures, i.e. Charging Points, Charging Stations, Charging Clusters, Charging Farms, Smart Meters, Smart Grids and more.

A Software for Charging Stations, Offering Innovative Solutions

Electromobility is the future of transport. Grid & Co. GmbH has an holistic understanding of this complex. It provides open and manufacturer-independent software and applications for the connection of electric charging stations. The complete system provides a usage and billing platform for the charging infrastructure of electric vehicles ready. Charging station operators receive a powerful management tool, controlling networks and systems in real time.

  • Administration
  • Operation
  • Billing

Gridware - a Customizable Software Platform

  • Scalable in terms of performance and costs

    Connection and management of an unlimited number of charging stations and other devices at distributed locations. Billing per charging point and charging process.
  • Integrated and Exclusive

    Connection of charging stations always via secure VPN connections, data transmission via SIM Cards or LAN. Integration in the IT landscape, control centers and the like, always using secure end-to-end encryption.
  • Fault Tolerant

    Persistence of business processes even in the event of hardware errors or failure of third-party systems. Comprehensive support for offline capability also in energy management by means of a control interval, base current and more.
  • Standardized

    Connection of charging stations via the industry standard OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol)
    Connection to the control room via IEC-60870-5
    Connection of roaming platforms via OICP, OCPI, OIOI

Reasons to Introduce a Charging Station Backend

For existing and new charging infrastructures

  • Ensure availability
  • Increase utilization
  • Generate sales
  • Share in the high-growth energy industry
  • Use renewable energy sources

Target Groups

The software for charging stations is primarily suitable for operators of charging infrastructures and can be used in many different locations. Main traffic points are particularly suitable for large Installations. The potential number of charging stations is unlimited. An efficient and economical use can also be achieved with only one charging station and one charging point. Closed user groups (e.g. in the B2B or B2E area) benefit as well as the public and semi-public areas.

Regional concepts: Innovative IT solutions

Charging stations for electric cars are a central part of all-energetically operated quarters and areas. Gridware can do more: The use of this software paves the way for the development of “Smart Business Networks”, which realize the efficient networking of services.

  • Cities
  • Municipalities
  • Quarters
  • Areas
  • Railway stations
  • Airports
  • Campus
  • Universities
  • High-Schools
  • Companies
  • Fleets
  • Parking garages
  • Car dealerships
  • Shopping centers

New Customer Diversity

Electric cars are increasingly a part of the normal street scene. This fast growing market brings new requirements for the provision of systems for charging stations and their users. Different user groups have different requirements - and Gridware serves all of them. Customers who like their Plan the charging process in the long term, spontaneous users or external customers get a simple one with Gridware Access to the charging points. It follows that all users of an electric car will have the opportunity to use their Refuel your car at the charging station.

  • Registered users

    for regular charging processes in familiar surroundings in public areas
  • Unregistered users

    for spontaneous charging processes, especially in public and semi-public areas
  • External users (roaming)

    for customers of other charging station operators who do not have any charging stations nearby

Usage, Booking and usability

Cashless charging processes, diverse access options and ease-of-use are the focus of the software for charging stations. Various modern, intuitive and user-friendly authorization options and access media are available for starting and processing a charging process, depending on customer requirements. A smartphone app, a mobile website and/or an RFID card enable the use of the connected charging stations for each customer segment. The spontaneous users charge their electric cars just like power users, corporate customers or users of fleet vehicles will refuel their vehicle with electricity.

  • via mobile app
  • via website
  • via RFID-card

In the corporate design of the operator

Just like the Gridware software framework, the applications can be designed flexibly. The access media to start a charging process is implemented in the client's corporate design. Alternatively, the function can be integrated into existing UIs via defined interfaces. This creates recognition value, which arises through color and logo adaptation, adding tangible value: In addition to the simple charging option for e-cars through a user-friendly application, the customer will be bound to the brand. The well-known design increases trust in the offer.

  • Mobile App
  • Website
  • Customer portal

Price Calculation

Gridware enables the charge point operator a fine-tuned pricing-system tailored to the user. An individual price can be set for each charging point so that, for example, different charges for charging stations and fast charging stations are calculated. Various tariff models also allow the operator to decide which parameters the final price for the charging process will be based on.

  • Base fee

    A starting price being calculated at the beginning of the charging process
  • Time units

    Price depending on the charging or parking time (min or h)
  • Energy consumption

    Price depending on the electricity used in kWh
  • Best price

    Automatic price calculation depending on consumption or time


The simple and uncomplicated billing of the charging station is important for users and operators. Connecting the charging stations with Gridware enables an enormous variety of billing-options. The billing of parking- and charging-time, as well as the charged energy can be factored into any of the common payment models. Thanks to direct billing via PayPal or credit card, the operator does not bear any credit risk.

  • Payment via PayPal
  • Payment via Credit Card
  • Payment via SEPA


Once the charging infrastructure has been successfully connected to Gridware, charging stations are remotely serviced without physical access and updated to the latest system status. Financial accounting is simple and operator-friendly thanks to standardized interfaces. The user can access billing and booking data in their own customer portal, which greatly reduces the costs and effort of customer communication. Statistics providing information on charging processes and utilization complete the range of services.

  • Remote maintenance of the charging stations
  • Meaningful statistics and reports
  • Export of billing and booking data
  • Connection to debtor management
  • Customer portal

Technical Features

The hosting as Software as a Service (SaaS) is in compliance with the German data protection guidelines in a data center in Germany. The connection of the charging stations is based on proven industry standards, such as a full implementation of the communication standards OCPP between charging station and Gridware. Independent of manufacturers, all charging stations can be connected via OCPP via Internet or VPN connections. Real-time monitoring enables detailed fault diagnosis at the charging station and a proactive approach to rectification. The highly scalable backend system also ensures that existing business processes are maintained.

  • Software as a Service
  • Hosting in data center in Germany
  • Scalable Backend-System
  • Real time Monitoring
  • Standardized interfaces
  • Protocols: OCPP 1.5 | OCPP 1.6
  • Manufacturer-independent software


This is us

We are looking forward to your message, especially if

  • you need support for a project
  • an area is in need for a software-solution
  • an innovative integration of charging-stations is needed
  • Gridware can help
  • a consultation is needed.
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